‘Useless’ Catalogue Essay

USELESS 1-18 November 2011 A discarded bottle, the plethora of photographs on the Internet, and forgotten flora. Oliver McKenzie, Ben Norris, and Chris Ross engage with the so-called ‘useless’ objects in contemporary life.  Often such detritus is the by-product of the circulation of images and objects.  It seems an object easily becomes redundant either due…

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Art’s ‘horizon’

Regardless of correctness, I do like those quotes which seek to define the world in one paragraph, and underpin large complex things, through attribution to a simple combination of things. I grabbed the below quote mainly to store on the blog, as it relates to the current exhibition and my current thinking and exploration in…

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Studies: Complex line drawings

As a side project I have been producing many spontaneous small drawings, usually of abstract structures, networks, wireframes, or whatever. For the sheer enjoyment of drawing and especially the way that a good marker (like TRIA markers) glides over the glossy surface of ink-jet photo paper. The paper immediately registers a dense and sharp black, as if…

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Prism: 7 Self-Portraits Reduced to One

This first image above is my creation and yet such an attribution of authorship and control is deceptive. Rather, this is an image that is a kind of averaging of 6 differently executed drawings, paintings and a photograph. Using Adobe Photoshop it was generated by the multiplication of the black values of seven layers of these approximately…

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21 Consecutive Random Sentences

These words were copied in their entirety from those generated by accessing a random sentence generator. These sentences appeared in this order, consecutively until a sufficient body of text had accumulated, measured approximately by the size of what could fit on a computer screen without scrolling. (an aesthetic choice) The plastic rescue strains. A genuine missile…

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Next Week at COFAspace

I’ve been shortlisted for this award, along with 10 others, which rewards COFA painting and drawing “excellence”. Expect the show to be a good student show, and for the crowd of attendees to dissipate instantly after the announcement!

Halfway House

The Halfway House volume 3 exhibition, at COFAspace gallery, was a survey of some 30 or so BFA Honours students work. The purpose was to display the progress made at the halfway mark of the Honours program, and to provide a select number of cash bursaries to aid in the realisation of the proposed artwork….

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